Our GPS Redundancy Time System Mounted to Italy Substations

As an important part of substation automation,GPS time servers are widely used in substations for high accuracy synchronization time. Buenoptic signed contract with ABB company to provide GPS redundancy time systems to the substation automation project in south Italy.

The redundancy GPS time systems is the safest time system in the world, which can protect the whole time system from being broken by one GPS master clock or GPS antenna's fault.

It provides 3-layer protection,when the power is off, the UPS will transmit electricity to redundant power supplies of GPS master clocks.If one master clock is faulty,the redundant master clock will continue to work automatically immediately.If one GPS antenna lose GPS signal,the other GPS clock will search for GPS source automatically. The redundancy GPS time server system are applied to very important projects that is quite demanding with time accuracy and safety.