New Model Time Product Debut in 2014

To embrace the new year,Synchbueno will work out the new SY-1NID series to meet the multi demands for GPS time products,The SY-1NID is based on 1 U chassis enclosure,it can be made to be NTP/SNTP Time Server master clock and IRIG-B time server master clock. And it can also be used as IRIG-B time code demodulator since it has IRIG-B signal input and outputs and demodulating software in it.The new master clock and demodulators are all combined by demountable modules,which is much more convenient for post-sales maintenance and repair,once one part is faulty,we only need to change the faulty module, which much saves the post-sales cost and simplifies the replacement and repair procedure.The SY-1NID is the joint outcome of Synchbueno technical team and Motor Proetction Department of Nanjing Power College which has decades experience in Electric power automation field.After long time testing,the product will be put into the market.