NTP Time Server with 4 Channels NTP and 4 Channels of IRIG-B

NTP Time Server with 4 Channels NTP and 4 Channels of IRIG-B
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NTP Time Server with 4 Channels NTP and 4 Channels of IRIG-B

The Synch(SY-2C-NTP04B) Industrial Grade GPS NTP/SNTP & IRIG-B Server that we manufactured are specifically for electric power substation automation system, automatizatio system, telecom system,CCTV and traffic system that need high-precise time requirer and it has 4 ports of NTP and 4 ports of IRIG-B DC outputs.Our system is based on GPS, and the precision of NTP time is 100ns and IRIG-B 1us.The facility is secondary developed with the GPS receiver that made by the special factory of United States. It can track 12 GPS satellites at the same time, and selects the best satellite automaticly for locating and timing.It outputs UTC time and IRIG-B time codes ,and the synchronous precision is 1µs.The SY-2C-NTP04B is quite cost effective and high quality,its highest record of MTBF is 12 years.


  • Receiving frequency:1575.42MHZ, it can track 8-12 GPS satellites at the same time.
  • Antenna radio sentivity:-166dbw, with 30 metres wire. If the wire is not long enough, customer can prolong it by himself by selection of coaxial-cable that attenuation of 1.56GHZ is not more than 0.7db per metre, the attenuation of prolonged cable is not more than 5db.
  • Capture time: from 20 seconds to 2 minutes ( the outputs of synchronous clock are all isolated by photoelectricity coupling and output 60ns)
  • Industry frequency clock: the clock that is promoted by industry electricity is synchronous with standard clock when power is on.
  • Clock difference: that is standard clock minus industry frequency clock,synchronous time difference is zero,precision is 20 ms.
  • Longitude, latitude: where the electric power synchronous clock locates.
  • Display: 14 bits LCD display that includes cycle,date,time,longitude,latitude,industry frequency clock,clock difference (standard clock minus industry frequency clock).


  • SY GPS NTP/SNTP/IRIG-B time server supports GPS or BD satellite systems.
  • SY GPS NTP/SNTP/IRIG-B time server incudes master clock, 30m long GPS antenna,software and mount brackets.
  • NTP/SNTP,RS485/232 and Irig-B output ports can be extended according to customer's requests.Both GPS time server and power supply can made to be redundant.
  • Antenna+30m cable,mount kits and software are all free.
  • Silver color Enclosure: 2U chassis
  • Cost-effective
  • Five years warranty & life long maintenance
  • Small quantity OEM is acceptable
  • Work Temperature:-20˚C to 75˚C
  • Storage Temperature:-40 to 85℃
  • EMC Grade: EMC-4
  • Wide Relative Humidity: 10 to 95%(Non-condensing)


  • Substation Automation(EMS,SCADA & others)
  • Power Plant Automation(DCS & others)
  • Railway & other Traffic Systems




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